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Press and online media

Breaking news? Make sure it breaks your way and give your readers the stories they want to read before anyone else.

Every day, hundreds of stories compete for readers’ attention in countless news outlets. Our AI can help you see the trends faster and fish out the stories that are about to go big before anyone else spots them – and automatically promote them to those users who will find them the most meaningful. Thanks to a set of sophisticated filters, you can precisely segment your audience, identify customers’ who are more likely to cross the paywall, and directly boost your income.


Make every day a Black Friday with recommendations that keep your customers’ carts filled to the brim

Whether you’d like to present each user with a tailor-made home page or conduct an intense push to promote best-selling inventory, RecoAI will work wonders for your shop. Our system can reach your customers at exactly the right moment in their consumer journey to suggest a perfect product match, bringing you one step closer to a completed purchase. Happy customers and bigger revenues – it’s a win-win situation.

Streaming platforms

Help your viewers discover their next favorite movie – and the next one after that too!

Make the most of your content library. Our AI uses every last bit of information about the films offered by your service – from title and genre, to its year of production, language, and the cast – and matches them with relevant users by cross-referencing that data with their characteristics such as age, language, location, and their subscription data. RecoAI’s seamless suggestions can neatly fit into any type of streaming business model, be it VOD, SVOD, or AVOD.

Travel and leisure

Become the destination for booking the hottest destinations with recommendations hyper-personalized on an individual basis.

Travel is all about excellent experiences – and with RecoAI you can give your customers the best experiences even before they step out of the plane. Gently nudge them towards the decisions with offers they’ll instantly fall in love available in their most convenient time window – and keep them engaged after their return from holidays with well-crafted email and push notification communication. It’s going to pay off the next holiday season.


Create a job board that actually works and consistently matches job seekers with roles they’ll excel in.

Thanks to its natural language capabilities, RecoAI can read through thousands of CVs to identify the most promising candidates for any given position – and push the right job postings right in front of them. In today’s hyper-competitive job market for highly specialized positions in tech, employers will undoubtedly appreciate the speed at which you fill their vacancies with the help of our system. And job seekers are going to remember too.

Real Estate

Podcast & Music

Online Gaming

Health Care

Market Place

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