RecoAI. Recommendations that keep
your customers happy – and keep them
coming back

Today’s e-commerce environment is fiercely competitive. With the limitless choice available at a click of a button, your customer today might become your biggest competitor’s customer tomorrow. And every lost customer is a lost opportunity for growth. In a landscape like that, you need every advantage to stay ahead.

What’s RecoAI?

RecoAI is a recommendation system powered by AI – it connects customers on your website with the products they want by analyzing their real-time behavior.

Now, how can it make your business grow?


Disruptive income

Recommendations reliably lead to increased sales – even by 35%!


Keeping your customers happy

A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. According to some studies, 75% of customers who made a successful purchase thanks to recommendations are twice as likely to return to your website in the future.


Staying ahead of the competition

31% of retailers do not use recommendations at all. 90% of companies using recommendations use slow, old-fashioned recommendation systems.

Market data collection
Find out more about the needs, choices, and preferences of your customers – it’s actionable business intelligence that can be used for planning long-term strategy!

We’re way ahead of our competitors.

This is what sets us apart
from other recommendation solutions:


We are much faster than other recommendation systems – our engine processes 4 times more information about customers’ real-time online activity, in a comparable time than other solutions on the market.


It’s real-time – which means it is never outdated. Our system constantly monitors the ongoing customer activity on the site and creates tailor-made recommendations delivered in just the rightmoment of the customer journey


RecoAI was designed with your customer’s privacy in mind – we do not store vast quantities of past data and rely on real-time customer behavior on your site instead.
More trust means more confidence in your products and services.

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A battle-tested solution

It works – and here’s the hard proof: RecoAI has consistently beaten its rivals in the most prestigious contests in the world!
RecSys 2019
The most outstanding competition in the world in the field of recommendation systems.
GovTech 2019
for Ministry of Health
The biggest competition in the first edition of GovTech.
Mercari Price
Suggestion Challenge
Victory among thousands of competitors in a unique Japanese e-commerce competition.
Global Kaggle
12 awards, including: GE Fligh Quest, Deloitte Western Australia Rental Prices.

They trusted us

These brands and institutions have trusted us in our previous venture – LogicAI:

“After implementation, we were able to achieve CTR up to 30% higher.”

LogicAI is a reliable partner. They’ve created a complex solution, a framework that made it possible to prepare recommendations based on our users online behaviours. After implementation, we were able to achieve CTR up to 30% higher. We see its potential in suggesting our clients what they might like and we are eager to see the further development of the product.

“RecoAI helped us grow significantly versus the previous system.”
We are happy to develop our partnership with LogicAI. From the very beginning, LogicAI has been making every effort to understand our and our customers’ needs in order to propose a tailormade solution that solves our most crucial problems, of the shop and its website. Thanks to that, we managed to implement RecoAI, which helped us grow significantly versus the previous system. We hope to keep growing together.