Recommendations are the new search

Yes, you read that right: recommendations will transform the way we do business online. RecoAI has the potential to break the internet and rebuild it back again the same way first search engines did it two decades ago. And this time, you have a chance to get in on it.

Why is funding us a GOOD GREAT IDEA ?

It’s the ground floor of the revolution

We’re perfectly poised to dominate this market. Our tech is already highly advanced, so we are ready to start opening up new revenue streams.

Unique product

RecoAI is the first fully ethical recommendation engine, designed with privacy in mind. That means our business is safe from being disrupted by privacy-protection regulations in the EU, US, Canada and elsewhere.

Vast untapped potential

31% of retailers do not use recommendations at all. 90% of companies using recommendations use slow, old-fashioned recommendation systems. And that’s just e-commerce.

Infinite scalability

E-commerce is just the tip of the iceberg. From the entertainment industry to healthcare and real estate, to online gaming – in terms of AI-powered recommendations, all of these fields are ripe for disruption. 

Check out some of the most notable business applications for our product

Proven track record and expertise

Our product is the brainchild of LogicAI, the creators of the biggest and most vibrant data science community – Kaggle Days.

Our team

We’re scientists first – which means we approach our work with intellectual rigor and an open mind that allows us to find unorthodox solutions to any problem we encounter. At the same time, we remain committed to the business success of our partners. This approach has never failed us. In recent years, we’ve successfully helped many companies all over the world solve complex challenges they’ve been facing, while also helping further the progress of data science through Kaggle Days. On top of that, we managed to win quite a few high-profile competitions along the way.
RecSys 2019
The most outstanding competition in the world in the field of recommendation systems.
GovTech 2019
for Ministry of Health
The biggest competition in the first edition of GovTech.
Mercari Price
Suggestion Challenge
Victory among thousands of competitors in a unique Japanese e-commerce competition.
Global Kaggle
12 awards, including: GE Fligh Quest, Deloitte Western Australia Rental Prices.

Our tech


RecoAI can provide extremely accurate recommendations in a matter of milliseconds. Our closest competitors are not even close.


We are leveraging in-memory data processing and Rust to create the fastest recommendation engine on the market without compromising on quality.

Communication with website visitors is triggered by a list of fully reproducible, predefined events,

RecoAI is built with experimentation-first philosophy in mind, which enables us to use innovative AI technologies in new, more efficient ways.