E-commerce Automation in 2022: What it is and how does it work?

Aug 8, 2022

Running an e-commerce store is much work, but you already know it. You experience it every day, from marketing and communication to fulfillment and shipping, not to mention all these repetitive tasks, returns, and customer management. And everything else in between. Unfortunately, sometimes it may seem like you are doing many little things to keep the business going, so you don’t have time to focus on the overall picture to take your business to the next level.

That is where e-commerce automation comes in. Imagine what would your day look like if something just happened without all the tedious work? That’s what e-commerce automation tools offer.


What is e-commerce automation?

E-commerce automation uses tools, applications, software, and systems to automate common manual workflows and tasks. Whether it’s the internal triggering of notifications and rules for important e-commerce metrics, launching personalized emails, or being able to manage and optimize various campaigns in real-time, there’s no doubt machine learning and automation are necessary for a growing online store.


How does e-commerce automation work?

In e-commerce, automation consists of a series of configured actions automatically. This e-commerce optimization technique has three components:

  • The trigger event or indication that initiates automation
  • A condition that determines the content and course of automation
  • The result that corresponds to the performance of the activity without human intervention

There are many processes from the moment the customer places an order until the order is delivered to them. The order is first taken over by the e-seller and processed; then, the purchased product is picked up, packed, and shipped. Many of the assignments that take place during this time can be automated.

Why automating business is important

You can increase sales and encourage brand loyalty among potential and new customers with automation software and tools. Automating business is flexible and can quickly adapt to all business needs. Whether you want to launch email campaigns, social media campaigns, or set up a complex sequence of marketing efforts, the automation tools work hand in hand with your needs to help you achieve what you want.

More and more people shop online, which gives e-commerce an advantage over traditional stores. However, consumers constantly are raising their expectations for faster and more convenient deliveries. As a result, business owners must find ways to act quicker and remain flexible to stay competitive.


The benefits of using e-commerce automation

Thanks to e-commerce marketing automation, you can coordinate all your marketing channels so that they work closely together and help you achieve your business goals. However, this is not the only advantage of automation. Let’s look at some examples of the benefits you can gain by implementing e-commerce automation in 2022.



Every task performed by your e-commerce team is essential. However, some, such as archiving and data entry, are often repetitive, time-consuming, and human error-prone. And despite the implementation of rigorous workflows, nothing allows you to complete these operations very quickly or completely prevent blockages or slowdowns. Automation avoids these obstacles. With it, almost all manual tasks are digitized. As a result, you benefit from guaranteed efficiency. Everyone saves time that can be spent on other jobs and strategic assignments with more added value.


In e-commerce, rigorous data management is essential. Indeed, a massive amount of data is constantly generated and is continually evolving. If this data is managed manually, there will always be a risk of human error in handling it. That is why automation is essential. Thanks to automatic data management, the risk of potential human errors is significantly reduced and all the resulting consequences.


More and more customers are looking for memorable and hassle-free purchases that save time and money. However, they also want to track their orders, receive up-to-date information, including inventory, and manage shipping and returns. You can enable them to access this up-to-date information in real-time, independently, and within seconds by automating business processes. It will satisfy them and make their experience positive and enjoyable. This way, companies build customer loyalty that’s solid and long-lasting.


There are many more benefits of e-commerce automation, but it is essential to choose an efficient and flexible solution to enable the implementation of all necessary automation processes. That is one of the keys to the success of your e-commerce project in 2022! Of course, the engine itself will not do all the necessary work. Effective implementation of automation requires the cooperation of internal teams with an integrator who will ensure that the new system is implemented quickly and without any problems and that it suits the needs of your business. 

We know it, and that’s why at RecoAI, we provide the integration service of our recommendation systems. Find out more about our platform or contact us, and we will happily answer all your questions.