What do you need to know about AI in marketing?

Aug 10, 2022

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two disciplines that substantially transformed many sectors and industries. Among them, marketing is one of the essential ones. Thanks to marketing artificial intelligence, companies can conduct more effective and accurate marketing campaigns. Today, we want to show you how artificial intelligence changes marketing.

In fact, artificial intelligence and machine learning are two IT sectors that can significantly change the way you promote products and services. In some situations, it’s even possible to benefit from techniques that otherwise would’ve been impossible.


What is artificial intelligence marketing?

Marketing AI is a discipline that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve marketing campaigns. Usually, AI marketing is based on data analytics. Therefore, to make the most of marketing AI, you have to know your users’ profiles, their expectations, needs, and habits. Thanks to AI marketing, you can improve communication with your target audience, enhance the efficiency of marketing campaigns that you run, introduce new products and services to your offer, and measure the results of your efforts accurately.

Today, the marketing world is data-driven. This means that whatever you do, it all starts with data collection and processing. All AI tools require customer data to operate as intended. And speaking of AI tools, what are the main components of AI marketing?

AI Marketing: Components

There can be many such components based on your needs and the business profile. However, typically, we can mention five major components that makeup almost every marketing AI application. They are as follows:

  • Data analytics
  • NLP (natural language processing): This technology is immensely important when it comes to intelligent assistants such as chatbots and voicebots. 
  • Automated processes: Marketing AI is all about working without your direct supervision. With this technology in your company, you don’t have to worry about adjusting every single element of your campaign – AI technology does that for you. 
  • Content generation and optimization: Today, content plays a key role in everything marketing-related. For starters, it’s a core component of every SEO campaign. With marketing AI, you can create and optimize content so that it satisfies both users and Google bots. Many SEO tools have built-in artificial intelligence or machine learning features. 
  • Personalization and segmentation: These two go hand in hand. Segmentation allows you to divide your target audience into smaller groups (segments) with specific profiles (e.g., needs, interests, purchased products, purchasing habits, etc.). Personalization, on the other hand, enables you to reach these segments effectively. With personalization, each customer (no matter who they are or what they are interested in) gets offers and communication that fulfills their expectations. 

What are the benefits of AI marketing?

Well, the benefits of using artificial intelligence in your marketing campaigns are quite apparent, aren’t they? First off, AI marketing takes your marketing campaigns to a whole new level. Marketing campaigns that are created and optimized using intelligent algorithms are usually far more effective. Secondly, thanks to marketing AI, you can lower the costs of your campaigns. That’s because AI-powered algorithms can help you achieve better rates for displaying your ads. And thirdly, adapting this technology to your ecosystem helps you save a lot of time. Thanks to automation, the vast majority of aspects related to preparing and optimizing marketing campaigns can be done much quicker, sometimes – even without your involvement. 


Examples of artificial intelligence in marketing

Up to this moment, we mainly talked about theory. Now it’s time to show you some real-life applications of marketing AI. Let’s have a look.


Google Analytics is one of the primary tools of every marketer. Many people don’t know, though, that it comes with advanced machine learning features. Google Analytics Intelligence is a set of tools and features built-in the Google Analytics platform to help you understand and act on your marketing data. For instance, Analytics Intelligence uses machine learning to model conversions and build audiences.


Dealavo is a platform that uses artificial intelligence in their platform called dynamic pricing. With it, online store owners don’t have to monitor how prices change in the market. The algorithm does that for them and adjusts prices accordingly without human supervision. There is also a possibility to set some pre-defined rules, so you don’t have to worry about lowering the price too much.


Yes, marketing AI is precisely what we do here at RecoAI. Our ML-based algorithms help you provide users with smart product suggestions. As a result, you can promote products that are most likely to hit just the center of a specific person’s interest. Product recommendations are very important in e-commerce, but other online businesses can use them as well. 

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